Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dope Style: Stars Love Lanvin High Tops

The Hip Hoppers LOVE Lanvin Sneaks!!!!

I do too!!! I posted Lanvin sneaks before- but I want to emphasis... if you can... splurging on footwear is essential especially a timeless classic silhouette, for example a Loubie Black pump. The black pump WILL NEVER go out of style.
Another example the Lanvin High Top sneaker- this silhouette of a sneaker will NEVER go out of style. If you are wise and invest in a neutral color (Black, white, beige, grey) you will be able to break these sneakers out years to come.

Jay-z, Jermaine Dupri, Kanye and Usher all love the Lanvin High-tops....
EVEN our First Lady Michelle Obama :)

I Heart these denim ones.

What I like about these sneakers is it's a versatile sneaker. You can actually throw these sneakers on with ANYTHING- sweats, trousers, jeans, etc.

I do not mean run out and purchase a pair of Lanvins, my point is investing in timeless pieces- signature pieces, so this is not limited to Lanvin, but I mean fashion sneakers, like, Kenneth Cole have great fashion high top sneakers, Gucci, Louie, etc.

What do you guys think? Do you like the Lanvin High Tops?

P.S you can always wait for the Barney's Warehouse sale to cop you a pair of Lanvins at a recessionisto price tag :)


Source: Google images, upscalehype

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