Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Fashion Life: Inspiration Boards

Currently I'm reading Who What Wear- Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life, by the two founders of Who What Wear Daily. (If you are not signed up or have been living under a rock- go right now a subscribe- great daily newsletter- strictly for the fashion obsessed)

Ok anywho... I'm at the section where they teach their readers how to identify their style... and It had me thinking- I do not know my style-- I'm sooo all over the place. People ask me all the time- and I could never give a straight up answer... so I'm going to do the exercise to try and narrow it down.

The two authors suggest creating an inspiration board.....

Which should be easy- in my line of work I create inspiration/story boards ALL the time. This exercise might not help me identify my style, but it definitely will give me inspiration for the winter and up coming seasons, also it will provide much needed inspiration for Search.Style.Snap and upcoming photo shoots I have lined up... and most important it will inspire me for my line I'm starting. 

So for the next month I will be gathering- fabrics, collecting photos, and cutting out editorials pages for my style inspiration boards.

Anyone up for creating one with me.  It will be fun.

You can add anything to your board- remember nothing is off limits, embrace fanatasy, and follow your instincts.  Try it- I promise you it will be fun.

At the end of the month I will upload some pics of my board.


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