Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is a Stylista???

Hey Stylistas!

I get a lot of questions about what is a "stylista"?
Here is Chee's definition of a Stylista- from the Search.Style.Snap-ionary

Stylista (noun) : a super duper dope chick who move to the rhythm of their own drum. A chick who does not run and cop something just because the fashion bloggers are talking about it. A Chick who puts things together and it looks good- because their confidence and personality shines right through. A chick who break all fashion rules and create their own.

Examples of Stylistas:

Solange is definitely a true Stylista. She rocks whatever she wants, but the way she styles her fits make you fall in love with her style. Her personality shines through out her fits and I love it.

She mixes up patterns, fabrics, and colors. She takes risk and makes it all come together while creating a stylicious forward look. She is one of my stylista heroes.

Another Stylista I look up to style wise is Kate Lanphear- for those of you who do not know this style genius- she is the Senior Style Editor of Elle Magazine (US).
She is definitely Rocker Chic in her signature color: Black. She is poppin'.

Kate is one of the many fashion geniuses behind Elle Mag. and you can understand why.... She ROCKS!!! her style is ridiculous, she screams Rocker and it shows through out fits

Do you guys have any stylista heroes?
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Source: for photos StyleSight.com and Google Images

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