Friday, September 11, 2009

#NYFW: Fashion Week

"Every spring the women of New York leaves the foolish choices of their past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion week"- Carrie Bradshaw


It has been a total of 10 days since my last post!! I am deeply sorry! Had too much going on in my life- but what better time to make a come back.... IT'S FASHION WEEK!!!

This week is crazy for New York City. We have Fashion Week, Fashion Night out, Jay-Z Charity concert, BluePrint 3 release, 8th anniversary of 911 (Honoring the victims ad their families), MTV's Video Music Awards, and after party after after party!!!

This is going to be a busy week!!!

This is my first Fashion week that I'm actually attending some shows. YAAY!! Go Me Go Me!!!

Due to my rookie status (I should have known better) I was sooo ill prepared for Fashion Week this year and all the HUGE shows are full to capacity, but I got some shows under my belt.

Fashion Week kicked off Yesterday- I RSVP'd Wednesday!! SMH @me!! But it wasn't too late- I received some confirmations and I'm wait listed for a few.... I'm just excited to be amongst Fashion elite and the fashion obsessed!!!

Next Year I will make the necessary preparations to make Fashion Week a Blast.

I am attending some really good shows:

C.L.K- Cuz Love Killz

Sara Shepherd

Haute Hippie

Max Azria


I have a couple of more I'm on the waiting list for- please guys keep your fingers crossed!!! :)

Some of my favorite Fashion bloggers are hitting up the biggest shows... I will make sure I link up some of the bloggers so you guys can get your NY Fashion Week fix!

First Stop C.L.K.....

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  1. Fashion Week…Oh, how I miss NY, just for fashion week (sigh). I will be following you all week; attempting to live vicariously through you.