Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Fashion: The Trench Coat

Hey Stylistos!

So Fall is definitely here- with the adsence of leaves on the ground- the weather speaks of Fall.

A great way to start yout Fall Style fellas is with a great Trench Coat.

The Trench Coat is a staple that every man should have. If you are lacking in this department- go out and invest in this peice. the great thing about the trench coat, you do not need to wear it in the rain, a trench can add some swag to a t-shirt and jeans look, a grown man look- suit and tie- or a laid back look- button up and jeans.

I love a trench coat on a man!

I was over at SitAtTheCoolTable blog and seen a great Trench Coat option for you fellas.
Burberry teamed up with Liberty to create two limited editions of trench coats for men and women that will “reflect the mood and direction of the moment, whilst retaining integrity of its design and function”.

The men’s version in black features a classic knee-length silhouette with an added detail underneath the collar. It's all about detail! and I am a FAN or POPPING the COLLAR!!!

The underside of the collar is lined in a purple lining and topped off with an adjustable buckle strap that looks sharp with collar popped. Available in an extremely limited run of 25, the trench coats are individually numbered and will go on sale on Sep 18.
I know this coat will be some pennies! but opt for the Gap or Banana Repoblic! Every Fall season the re-invent their interpretation on the Men's Trench Coat!
Happy Fall Shopping!
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  1. Via Spiga has a hot trench for the ladies. It has been too warm to wear it here in the Chi, but I am looking forward to it. Planning on taking it for a spin one night with my new over the knee boot...I have to send you a pic of these bad boys...HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  2. Usually I don't like popping the collar, but on coats like this, with all the beautiful details, I think it's okay. This is a really nice coat.