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Hey people!!
The First Fashion Week stop... C.L.K Cuz Love Killz

You can click here to get more background as to how Andrea and her partner Jacinto created C.L.K

I got there a little early so I could meet the designer and take a look before the show was open to the public!

The PR team was very nice and let me stay for an interview.

The designer and myself had to sneak into a corner and talk very loud- the DJ was spinning Dr Dre and Snoop hit- Gin 'n' Juice. (one of my fav songs)

CW: How are you? You have a very cute t-shirt line- but before I start- what is your name? lol

A: (giggles) Andrea

CW: Nice to meet you Andrea- My is name Chee and I'm a new fashion blogger- this is my first Fashion Week Show

A: Awww... This is also my first show!

CW: So we are newbies together- SWEET!!

So my surprise she was VERY young- I had to ask her how old she was.

CW: You look like a baby- how old are you?

A: I'm 19 years old

CW: Wow, you are an inspiration for all young girls wanting to be a designer, or a judge, a dancer, a singer, a lawyer... do you have any advice for young girls who are striving to achieve their dreams?

A: If you have a passion, don't stop... continue to push, no matter what age, race, background, gender continue to go after your dreams. If you have a plan and a dream, go for it!

CW: That's pretty good advice- (note to self)

I have a Fashion/Style Blog named: Search.Style.Snap-

geared towards personal style, how to get celebrity style, trends, etc. - What is your personal style?

A: I'm more casual. I like dresses, tank tops, I will throw on a pair of heels from time to time.

CW: I Can see your personal style in your spring collection-

How did your line come about?

A: Right out of High School (Fashions Industries) I got an internship with Designer Camilla Staerk, she then hired me and taught me everything I know about the fashion industry. That is where I met my partner Jacinto and C.l.K was created.

Which is soo funny- I met Jacinto through a Mutual friend months back! I knew he looked familiar

CW: I see you have a DJ spinning hip hop, your line is inspired by Graffiti- I see the models posted on graffiti artwork- is it safe to say you are a hip hop fan?

A: Yes I love Hip Hop, I'm a graffiti artist at heart. I do graphics designs as well....

CW: So you are an artist... DOPE! Where can people shop your clothes?

A: They can go onto my website: and on the website there are some listings of shops where people can purchase the clothes.

CW: Nice! Now did you do the graphic designs for the website?

A: Yep

CW: Tell me about this Spring Collection.

A: This collection was inspired by color, young people, fun, the collection is made out of light weight fabrics that provide comfort, fun prints. Just a cool young fun line.

CW: It definitely is... I love the cool tee's and tanks.

Last question because I know you have to go and do more press.... It's safe to say you are of Latina decent- correct?

A: Yep!

CW: Has your culture inspired your spring collection?

A: Not so much in this collection- I'm grew up in NEW YORK so that's where the inspiration comes from, but, some of the tee's have a wide necklines- and back in Columbia alot of tops are made like that- I was born in Columbia.

CW: Cool- but I wish you nothing but luck, great line, continue to be successful.

A: Thank you you too!

It was a short and sweet interview!

My first interview with a designer! It was great practice.

It's a great inspiration to see a young passionate person taking control of their Destiny and striving for Excellence..

It was cool to learn how the duo came up with the name:

The centerpiece of this collection is based on the condemned heart icon, healing from being broken. There are also several other graffiti elements included in this line tying in with the morbid love theme.

Andrea did all the Graffiti herself.

C.L.K had a great fashionable turnout

She had on a MEAN Chanel bag!

Andrea Greeting all her guest!

STYLING TIP: NEVER wear a white bra with a black top- especially if you are taking photos!!!

Learn from my Fashion Faux Pas last night! ha! :)

Because I was sooo not planning to attend this show I received the Confirmation so late- I was totally not dressed! But I stopped in H&M grabbed a Black tank top and some statement jewelry. I had my Black leather booties and leather jacket. I was good to go! When in doubt opt for BLACK BLACK BLACK!!!

What do you guys think of C.L.K?

Until Next time

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