Friday, July 17, 2009

Men's 5 Must Haves for Summer

Ok fellas, it took me a minute now I'm back with the jumpoff. (hahah)
After two days off, I'm up and running.  Here are the 5 Must Haves for Summer, or what's left of it.  

These 5 dope items will have you noticed, swaggerful; and if styled right... you will definitely have the next man "Jockin' your Fresh".

1.  Denim Jackets
I know some of you are saying, "Chee you are bugging, it's too hot"... Yes, you are right, but with this weather, the weather is cool enough during the day and evening to wear a denim jacket with some shorts paired up with a Tee, I definitely recommend a sleeve roll up.  The denim jacket adds a "Cool" "America Boy" swag to your get up.

2.  Yellow and Teal Watches

We see them everywhere the G-Shocks watches, but for the Summer, the Yellow and Teal colors are the "go-to".  These two colors scream Summer Swag.  Grab a graphic Tee with the same color direction and you are picture perfect.  Side note: I seen some dope Teal and silver blazers floating around that is a sure fit for the summer!! Lock in fellas, I won't steer you wrong.

3.  Mirrored Aviators

If these aviators don't scream SWAG I don't know what does.  These aviators will add the finishing touches to ANY fit, whether you are going suit flow, jeans or t-shirt, you are guarantee to look great!... Like a cop car.... hahah
side bar: I just ordered a pair last night *bbm embarrassed face*

4.  Air Yeezy

First let me just say, I'm tight they don't have these in ladies, tho I'm not a sneaker lover, I would cop a pair.  I know these are high to be "Nikes" but I'm a firm believer in High Low style and some things should be invested in, and these are one of them.  You can go Kanye flow on them and pair these sneaks with a straight leg jean and a solid color tee from American Apparel.  Or you can style it with some shorts, either way you will have people looking south of your ankles!  

5.  khaki pants or cargos

Same as Ladies Must Haves, khaki is a huge color for Summer.  Fellas run out and get your khaki cargos and/or Khaki pants.  Make sure you pay attention to detail on the khaki pants and opt for a cool fit and pocket details.  Try to stay away from the standard GAP khaki pants- you will start to look like a boarding school reject and that is never a good look, save those for work.

Here you have it, the 5 Must Haves that will make oyu the fashion life of the BBQ this Summer. 

Style extra:  Try out your Must Haves by pairing your khaki cargos with a Teal watch, Teal/Silver blazers, denim jacket (rolled up) and crisp white v-neck tee, add the finishing touches and throw on your mirrored aviators... Can you see it??? DOPE!!!!

Run out and get your Must Haves, send me some pics on how you styled them.

Happy Shopping!

Style Reporter


  1. This was a great post! AGREED! These are must have items for that summer swag....i have 3 out of 5, so Im in good shape. Prolly grab the other items real soon! :-)

  2. I dont have the Yeezy's!!


    -RAE (SFPL)