Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Fashion Life: Geo Mini Skirt

Hey people!

This is a new section of Search.Style.Snap called 'My Fashion Life'.  This part of the blog is when I randomly post about my life in this dope fashion world; from random style thoughts, random fashion purchases that I feel great about, a sale I was at, fashion questions, style debates... well you get the idea.  

So.... I just finished purchasing this super duper cute mini skirt from Forever 21.  I'm so excited about this buy, not only is this skirt so dope, I paid $9.80!  I HEART the price.  I'm a fashionista turned recessionista and I love a bargain. 


I live and die by the High Low fashion, your whole outfit does not have to be dripped in labels.  Its never what you wear, it's always how you wear it!!!! ;)  I always get the... 
Her: I love your fit, where did you get it? 
Me: HM! 
Her: Yeah right!... get my drift?

My new skirt is soooo giving me Rih Rih right now.  But it's a geo print and it is an update to the conventional stripe.  I'm excited to get it!
I'm taking my skirt with me on my vacation! :)

I think I'm going to bust out my skirt with my stylicious peep toe booties i told you guys about!!! aaooowwwww!

Let me know about your fashion life, email me stylistas!

until next time
same place tomorrow

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  1. Love that ur blog..wanted to tell you thanks for the heads up about that Steve Madden sale..I got 4 pairs and I'm going back