Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fashion with a Cause: The Uniform Project

The Little Black Dress aka LBD can take you along way, just ask Sheena Matheiken.
I was web surfing and came across a great cause using a simple black dress, definitely a staple every stylista and fashionista should have in their closet.

Sheena has pledged to wear the same black Dress for 365 DAYS. She calls this idea The Uniform Project. I know it sounds crazy and impossible but its actually rather dope and very doable.

Fashion with a cause!!!!

Sheena is raising the money for the Akanksha Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to strengthen the education system in the slums of Mumbai. All of the contributions for the Uniform Project will go towards the organization for school uniforms and other school expenses. That is dope!

This is a rare and interesting idea. Sheena states she got the idea from personal experience from having to accessorize her uniforms in school. She says all the kids in her school would add their own spin and twist to represent their on individual styles and personality.

It's not what you wear, but how you wear it!

Through the website monetary donations could be made.

I know its hard to be optimistic about her pulling this project off, but designer, Eliza Starbuck has designed the LBD for it to be worn in so many different ways. The dress can be worn front or back, as a jacket, or an open tunic. The dress was created using a durable breathable cotton great for many different seasons. The accessories Sheena will be wearing are ebay finds, vintage shops, and flea markets. Talk about getting fly on a buck.

The cool thing about this project is, Sheena is inviting any jewelry or fashion designer to donate original pieces or collaborate with her on creating different ensembles. She will then give shout outs and promotions to your website or blog the day she wears your creation. These type of donations can be made thru the website too. If you are designers take advantage of this cause.

Check out some of my favorite styles

The way she works different garments and style her accessories are so dope.

The project started May 1st with this look!

I cant say enough how important accessories and layering your pieces are. It enhances your look and Sheena definitely confirms that!!!

This goes to show if you invest in key essentials you can also style it up differently every time to create a different look. In these hard economic times- that is KEY!
Go over to The Uniform Project website and check out Sheena's daily fits. Try and support the cause.

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