Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fashion Obsession

This part of the blog is when I ramble about my fashion obsession.
Every stylista (and stylisto) has one.

You know when you are in love with a piece of clothing, every time you see it your heart skips a beat.
Or it's in the window at Saks and everyday you visit Saks to gaze in the window and daydream about all the brilliant outfits you can put together.
Well that is how I feel about two things- at the moment... I have Fashion ADD so my fashion obsession will change in the next week.
But for right now, its the Alexander McQueen Peep Toe Ankle Boot!!!
Those thangs right therrr.... DOPE!

These babys' gonna run you a whopping $1,500.00 easy... I'm trying to gather up a "Get Chee Chee those McQueen" collection fund... Any donations?

My next fashion obsession is the Black Quilted Lambskin Classic Flap Chanel Bag.
The name alone fits the character of this bag... This is definitely a classic bag, and if you can afford it or somehow get hit by a cab and get lawsuit money, this is a purchase i strongly suggest!!! It will out live YOU!What are your fashion obsessions???

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  1. I've always said - "If I don't get anything else - I MUST have a Quilted Chanel bag." It is THE staple of all staples!

  2. My fashion obsession are a good pair of shoes. I'm saving up for a pair of fringe red bottoms but McQueen has quickly become a favorite of mine. At 1500 though I think I'll have to donate a few eggs

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  4. My obsession - Gucci Velvet High-Heel Cuffed Bootie. And my quilted Chanel bag...so worth it!