Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When Boy Meets Girl

I noticed an interesting trend that is emerging quickly and hitting hard. Everywhere you look a stylista is rocking the look. Seems like everyone is getting bit by the "Boyfriend" bug. Whether it's the infamous boyfriend jean, the slouchy button up, or the over sized blazer, all fashionable girls are "Locked In", as Diddy would say.

Women are trading their booty-hugging denims for a pair of boyfriend jeans and switching their tailored fit blazer for an over sized blazer. Today's designers are putting their feminine twist to their male inspired collections.

To Lock In this trend, add a slouchy or oversize button up to your wardrobe. To save cost, grab a white button up out of your boyfriend's closet (or brother) and roll up the sleeves.

Also try an over sized blazer, those are pretty cool. You can head over to H&M, get a size bigger and roll up the sleeves! Zara has a dope "Boyfriend" blazer... on sale!

The Gap has a whole collection inspired by the boyfriend jean; from ex-long tanks, to oversize v-neck sweaters! DOPE!

Lastly- the trick is to wear the over sized pieces, but add your girlie accents, whether its a pop lip color, big jewelry, or statement heels, make sure to not make a super chic trend look sloppy. Remember its all about your style and how you incorporate the trends. Don't let the trends wear you, you ROCK the trends.

This is definitely a new day, women can definitely do what a man can do and doing it in their jeans! Ha!

Check out my style interpretation of the "Boyfriend" jean. This is one of my sets off of Polyvore.com- All stylistas are "locked in". Head over to
http://www.polyvore.com/ and create your own boyfriend set, email it to me... :)

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl by SwagGirlChee featuring Hello Kitty accessories

Styling tips: Pair a destroyed paired of boyfriend jeans with a long sheer tank topped with a cropped lightweight leather. Adding detail, cuff the jeans at the bottom. Definitely rock a pair of oxfords- try silver :)
An important addition to any outfit is the right jewelry. Try a couple of thin long silver necklaces, big face watch (men's), studded cuff, and an over size ring. Leave the huge handbag at home and rock a big clutch (preferably a bright color)!!!
Picture Perfect!

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