Monday, July 27, 2009

Style Walker: Billionaire Boy

Name: JJ
Age: 26
Occupation: Retail Manager
Fav Designer: Billionaire Boys Club
Fav Store: Billionaire Boys Club, Kid Robot
Perfect Outfit: "Something simple, that still stands out and catches the eye. Jeans with a nice fade or cool cargos, fly graphic tee, and unique limited edition kicks
Fashion Rules: Always be yourself, have fun with it, do what you like, and if other people are diggin' it too... that's a bonus.
Fav color: Purple, "just got the purple G-Shock."
Fashion Diary:
Sneakers: Nike Dunks, $100
T-shirt: Uniqlo, $17
Cargos: Gap, $40
Rosaries: $25 each
Watch: G-Shock $110
I was at my cousin's BBQ last Saturday and I ran into my good friend. I automatically stopped what I was doing to snap some flicks. I noticed JJ has been reading Search.Style.Snap- he decided to link up his Yellow G-Shock watch with his Khaki pants.
What drew me to his outfit was his fun t-shirt. When I scanned his fit from head to toe I also noticed a very cute detail- his neon yellow shoe laces matched with one of the giggling faces on his Tee... Dope
JJ has turned his rather simple look into a great one!
How you do like JJ's style?
Until Next time
Same place tomorrow
Style Reporter

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