Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Simmon's Sisters: Pastry Turnover Launch Party

Hey people,

Last week our favorite Simmons' girls hosted their 'Pastry Turnover' launch party in L.A

These girls ROCK! Young business women, soo not mad at that!

Stylish Angela was rocking the ill Alexander McQueen booties I am obsessing for....
She rocked them cute. Very simple, great tee and some leggings.

Styling tip: If south of your ankles are poppin, a simple subtle fit will be perfect. Angela matched her killer booties with leggings and a super cute tee. DOPENESS.
If your shoes is great it will set you style free.

Speaking of the Simmons girls, check out Daddy's Girls second season premiering this Tuesday Aug. 11th @10pm on MTV

Can't wait to see what whacking things the Simmons sisters have for us this season. I know they are gonna bring their cute style.

Until next time

same place tomorrow


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