Sunday, August 9, 2009

ABDC: America's Best Dance Crew is BACK!!


ABDC is finally back with more talent and great dance crew style.
The show premieres tonight on MTV @ 9pm

As a former dancer I LOVE this show. Every week I'm Locking In to see which crew is going to rip it!!!.

Check out the crews for this season.

Rhythm City

Southern Movement

Vogue Evolution

We are Heroes

Massive Monkees


Beat ya Feet Kings

Artistry in Motion


I can not wait to see these crews!!
Some look a little dry... but we never know.
I am looking forward to see what fits Lil' Mama have up her sleeve this season!
Every week I will update you guys on which crew was eliminated and which crew had the most style... (you know everything comes back to style on this blog)
Let's make this a weekly discussion. Lock in to ABDC every Sunday guys!
Until next time
same time tomorrow
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