Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recessionista VS. Fashionista: Balmain Inspiration

Hey Stylistas,

As my newly style blog begins to evolve, I am still brainstorming great sections for you guys.

Today I am introducing a new section of Search.Style.Snap that I call:
Recessionista Vs. Fashionista

Let's be real folks, there are people in this fashion world who can afford the high designer labels; like celebrities, trust fund babies, and royalty. Then you have REAL people who can not afford the higher end fashion; like Jane, Joe, working class, and myself... lol I find nothing wrong with the recession friendly price of a design inspired piece. I am not suggesting purchasing Fakes, but inspiration pieces, I'm sooo for. If you do not have $1,900 for your Balmain studded stems, why not opt for the Steve Madden version.

What do you guys think?

Recessionista Vs. Fashionista

If you can afford the Balmain shoes, and I mean AFFORD, like you can pay your rent, car note, insurance, groceries, cell phone bill and you have enough to purchase these beautiful shoes and still have cash left over to play with, knock yourself out and pleasure your feet with the highly raved about stems.

If you are a girl into fashion and love this trend, but can't really afford the $1900 shoes, opt for the Steve madden version. Zara and BeBe also have their versions of the Balmain Studded sandals.

Bebe Marianna Studded Sandals

Zara Studded Sandals
What do you guys think?
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