Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dope Online Find: Gourmet Kicks

Hey Stylistos,

So... my boyfriend gave me the skinny on some cool kicks he came across in Atrium recently.
As soon as I got word I hit the web researching these "cool" kicks.

These "cool" kicks are called Gourmet.

Gourmet is a brand that defies categorization. The brand influences are Italian and Italian-American culture.

I always encourage fellas to style outside the box. Nikes and Adidas are not the only kicks out there. VENTURE out Fellas!!!

Gourmet kicks have a strong resemblance to Keds, but with a fashion forward/urban touch.

Me Likey.

Check out my favs.



The Noves' are my Fav!!!
Lock IN fellas!!!
Until next time
same place tomorrow
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