Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fashionable Hoodies for Him

Hey stylistos....

I was on the train this a.m on my way to the 9-5 and I spotted a very well dressed fella.
In a cool button up, cool wash denims, clean kicks (look like he just took them out of the box... lol) and a nasty wrinkled hoodie.

Fellas... ok so hoodies are your thang, cool (I was once a hoodie and jeans girl).. I would opt for a light jacket and leave the hoodie home for a day at the gym, but if hoodies are the route you go... cool...
If you are dressed to impress, throwing on a champion hoodie does not scream.... I have on a dope fit...

I found some much better fashionable options for you from Topman.

These options give you the flexibility and comfort you will get with a regular hoodie, but with a bit of fashion.
The metal crest buttons gives you a military look and the toggles gives the illusion of an overcoat.
Which ones do you like best?
My pic is the diagonal snap option- really cute.

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