Monday, October 5, 2009

Style Du Jour: Rihanna during Paris Fashion Week

I know you guys were expecting this... how could I not post RihRih's style during Paris Fashion week.
Let's just say this damn walking mannequin was searving it on a platinum platter this week!!!!

Me and my bff were looking on the Christian Louboutin website this weekend and spotted these stems in Gray (Ni Toi Ni Moi 120 Boots)!!! Heart the royal blue colorway!

I'm going to invest in some Red Bottom ankle boots this year- maybe that will be a Christmas gift to myself! :)

I hear Rihanna was attending Paris Fashion Week to find her look for her upcoming album cover!!!

Talking about pimping!!!

Mariel Haenn- her stylist- just tweeted today- something about she can go into all her fav designer's showrooms and just grab whatever she wants.... HEAVEN!!!!

I swear I will get there one day....

I'm such a clothes whore- thats all i think about...

Don't judge me! lol

What do you think about Rihanna's looks for fashion week?

Her look is actually very easy to pull off- if you notice- it's her bold accessories and great shoe choice that make the statements.

I've learned-All black is cool- but when adding some cool accessories, great shoe, some texture to your jackets/blazer, adding some shoulder power- it makes your all black fit come alive!

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