Monday, September 21, 2009

Sneaker Lovas: Supra Skytops

Hey Sneaker Heads!!!

Whats up fellas- this is strictly for my sneaker heads- those who will pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars on sneakers and spend the night on never ending lines the night before a sneaker drops just to cop a pair.... lol

Now that is dedication.

I was surfing the web- as I always do- and came across these sneaks...
It caught my attention because I heard of the brand Supra before-
You can see your average sneaker head wearing them to your favorite celebrities.

I'm not really into Men sneakers like that, I not familiar of what sneaks are out, or debuting, but these caught my eye- thought I share with my stylicious male readers :)

New looks into upcoming Supra Skytops can be seen here. Three new models all share a similar tonal demeanor in colors such as black, red and gray. The black and gray versions feature a woven upper while the red one is featured in patent leather. No word yet on a release date, stay tuned for more details.

These are pretty dope. I like the red. I can see those being MURDERED!
What do you guys think?

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