Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Fashion: Red-Wing Boots

Hey fellas....

So this pass weekend my the BF was looking thru his monthly Urban Outfitters catalog... (don't you love it how you purchase one thing online from a site, all of a sudden you are a preferred custy receiving catalogs... makes you feels so warm and fuzzy inside..... ) anywho... He was eyeing some cool winter boots.
As we discussed- like we always do when we see something we like... I shared with him my thoughts of guys wearing cool high-top boots for the Fall. Some guys may question it... but they are really cool looking... once you style it up right....

After some web searching- I came across the brand Red-Wing-

Red-Wing 2009 Fall collection

Red-Wing- Urban Outfitters


I fancy the high top ones than that low top- but cool nonetheless.

Styling tips: Try to keep it simple- a Fall Quilted Jacket and a great pair of washed jeans would look dope. Add some hat swag and pair up a paper boy hat!

Fellas what you think? are yall sold? Will you guys be pushing the envelop soon?

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