Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Fashion: Stud Boots!

Hey Lovelies... (did I spell that correctly? lol)

Yep I'm up early... had a couple of dreams last night and one of them were about these Black biker stud boots. In the dream I was rocking them with a SICK leather biker jacket.... hahah

I know I have alot of random dreams. But I said to myself.... this is BIG for Fall.
Why not post studded boots for my readers
I know I know... I'm sooo sweet ;)
The the studded and embellished boot are great transitional pieces. It can take your look from cool/casual chick to sexy sizzle stylista.

I searched the web for some affordable- and not so affordable options for you.

Pour La Victoire, $380.00-

BE & D, $598.00-

Betsy Johnson, $420.00-
Gucci, $796.00-

Free People, $198.00- I actually think these are really cool!
Aldo, $140.00-

Aldo Shoes, $130.00-

What do you guys think? Are you sold on the heavy studded boots?
Side note: You guys can always exercise your DIY skills. Get a pair of plain booties, biker boots, ankle boots (go to a wet seal, or a Charolette Rouse, or even a vintage shop to save you the headache of spending alot of money) and apply your own studs, pyramid studs, spike studs... and have a field day! :)
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  1. so planning to d.i.y a pair this fall. now only if someone can post a tut. no need to ruin 2 pairs in my attempt. think the gucci and freepeople ones are my faves!

  2. I love the Gucci's, but I don't think these work for everyone, I am tall, but I wear a size 10 shoe and I tried some of these on, not so sexy...but ladies with small feet, rock on!