Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall Fashion: Black Leather Jacket

Hey Stylistos,

Fall is coming and if you don't buy anything for this season, you must go out and purchase a great black leather jacket.

This is a piece that will swag up any fit you throw on this Fall season.

Finding the best leather is going to be challenging and this is a piece you must invest in!

If you invest in your leather jacket, the rest of your fit can be basic.
I was web surfing and seen a pic of Chris Breezy looking rather swaggerful in his leather jacket.

Breezy styles up his motor cycle jacket with a great pair of DARK shades, a bright watch and a classic v-neck tee.

Check out some of these options:


Ray Ban

Dior Homme

Yellow G Shock

The Gap- Leather Jacket


What do you think?
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