Monday, August 17, 2009

ABDC: Second Episode Run Through

Hey People,

So last night was the second episode of America's Best Dance Crew.

This week was BE-YAWN-CE week!!

I was overly excited, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed! Though I enjoyed the performances, I was not really feeling the song choices nor did I think each crew gave us a great performance.

Our judges were on deck in their usual costumes.

Lil Mama in her Broadway costume... (SHM), Shane in his hat and tee- shirt, JC in his J.Crewish rags, and the very pretty now preggo Layla Kayleigh.

Well, my favorite of the night was 'We Are Heroes'. The costumes were very Tina Knowles appropriate and the moves were dope!

The received great clique and comments from the judges. They were very good. They danced to 'Single Ladies'... My song!!!

Snaps for the Kids!!! Snaps for the Kids!!! Snaps in a circle two times!!!
They killed it, and Naomi was Be-yawn-ce!!! Love the Sequin and energy this group brings.
Hope they stay around for a long time. Vogue Evolution danced to 'Crazy in Love'.

My group from last week ripped it. Rhythm City had a very creative dance. I was feeling the concept. It wasn't the best performance, nonetheless very good. RC danced to 'Sweet Dreams'.

So the group that caught me off guard was 'Beat your Feet Kings'. Miss thang who pissed me off last week with her mean grill, got lady-like and was shaking and doing her thang in her Beyonce Heels. I loved that purple dress too.

But the two groups who were in the bottom two and left to battle it out was AfroBorike and Artistry in Motion. Both groups were very good, but in my opinion AfroBorike KILLED it. It was sexy and energetic. I loved it.

Artistry in Motion was sent home at the end. Though the girls killed their song, 'Diva', they didn't bring it as hard as AfroBorike.
Awww... I enjoyed them while it lasted.

Next week the Challenge is to incorporate Martial Arts into their performances.
Tune in Next Sunday at 9pm on MTV.
Until Next Time
same place tomorrow
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