Friday, December 11, 2009

Fox Fur Trapper

I always LOVED Eryka Badu's CRAZY style.  She was never scared to push the envelope and DO HER.  I respect people like that.  Like Lady Gaga... she is a HOT mess... but she is her.  It freaks me out a little bit... but you can't knock her nor her style.

Anywho.... I was over at Necolebitchie and seen this pic.  Eryka's trapper is screaming at me!!!!  The hat is soooooo DOPE!!! I LOOOVE IT!!!!  Remember I did a post a while back on the fur trapper hat? Her hat actually looks like it can be mistaken of her hair... lol  Nonetheless.... poppin hat...

Look at Damon Dash in the back ground getting his Geek Chic on.  Still gotta love Dame!


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