Thursday, December 3, 2009

All I want for Christmas....

I was on my friend's blog LaBella and she listed her Christmas list- I was so inspired by her "What I want for Christmas" post I decide to jack her ;p Thanks Pana...

So under heavy thinking and browsing my dairy/random thoughts notebook I narrowed down my list of things I want for Christmas.  This year I will be asking santa for the following:... it's only right... since i've been a very good girl ;)

I know I'm reaching- but I'm in love- I think I might have to purchase this one on my own *bbm embarrass face

Flip Camera-

HP Mini Lappy- need the color one

Vintage Fur Vest

Chloe lace up boots

Noir Jewelry dome spiked rings

Zara- Motorcycle Jacket

Kenneth Cole Charcoal grey Puffer- this is very sexy on Ladies- I fell in love with it.  Surprisingly KC have great outwear.

Come on!!! Every girl wants a pair of Red Bottoms

I think someone already got these for me... ;)

Lauren Urstandt fingerless gloves- Owwwweee.. Bad Ass

What are you guys asking Santa for this year?

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