Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I heart this Photo Shoot!

I love the idea of not dressing up but at the same time looking uber CHIC!

I feel a connection to this shoot because I do not see myself as the uber fashionista who dresses up EVERYDAY!!! But in some alternate universe I try to stay chic in my jeans, riding boots, or oversized shirts.

In every photo shoot- there is always a theme, a message the stylist tries to send the on-looker- in this photo shoot I see many messages-

The idea of the shoot was to pair your oversized/ boyfriend-ish pieces matched with extra feminine pieces.

Over layering your jewelry is another message. Don’t only wear one type of chain bracelet… pile on a couple more and do the same on the other wrist.

Did someone say “socks”?
Create an uniform and don’t forget your socks. Keep it chic, cute and different and wear your to-the-knee socks with your peep toes, ankle boots, round-toe pumps and platform sandals.

I know you are thinking to yourself…. She looks a mess… but there is a way to translate this outfit to a wearble chic number….

Ok lets take one of the looks….

Clearly the center point of this look is the green army jacket.  Here is a cute one from Old Navy- very feminine with the belt and oversized collar.  Pairing a vertical stripe sweater with a pleated shirt (do not have to be plaid- tired to search for a navy skirt) lace peep toe ankle boots and contrast color socks (not striped- doing waaay too much).  Adding the fedora and geek chic specs and animated scarf to conplete the look.  Now this is wearable.  A great update to the collegiate unifrom look.  

Next time you are looking through your favorite mags and see the editorial photo shoot- try to decode the message and use it as inspiration to creat your own look :)

(ppssstt... I do this allt he time)



  1. Actually I think she looks uber cute ! ;op

  2. Insomnia bought me to your site so expect a few more post. I agree, I look through mags and think "i can so rock that" A friend and I have started a lookbooks to collect looks we love and go back to when we need a new look or twist to our outfit. n e way great post.

    Beauty (Shirvonne)