Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Style Mag: Rihanna Galore

I picked up my copy of Glamour yesterday with Rihanna on the cover and made a bash sprint to the cover story.
She is finally speaking up and I'm so happy.

I'm pretty sure you guys read the article already- EVERY BLOGGER HAS SPOTTED IT (Sheeesh... that's another thought) - I will spare you and talk about what she had on!!!
It's not because I don't care what she had to say, because I do... the article was good- I felt she kept it safe, but of course, she had to.  It's actually none of our business- I feel, its an embarrassing situation her and her boyfriend at the time had to go thru.  I'm not condonning domestic violence, they both need counseling- but I do believe good came out of the situation.
Now back to what she had on.....

I'm a jewelry feind these days.... and the cuffs Rihanna has on are to DIE for!!!

This laid back look is very doable girls- men's oversized top paired with a sexy spin- PINK lips, uber fem necklace and leggings.

I love that Rihanna, while sporty very HIGH fashion pieces continued to look her AGE, fresh faced, and fabulous!!!

What do you think? do you like RihRih's shoot?

Sidebar:  Don't forget the Good Morning America Special tomorrow at 7am on channel 7...
We will finally hear our favorite walking mannequin speak!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! (giggles)

Short Sleeve turtle neck knit dress with feather shoulder detailing... HAUTE!!!!! ;)


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  1. I luv her, I luv her style, she is a friend in my head, I luv that she decided to speak out (wks before her album drops. She is still AMazing!