Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Chanel-Like...


It is no secret that I've been obsessing for the Classic Chanel chain purse!!!
I SWEAR to the fashion heaven I will own one...

But I can across some Chanel-like handbags for the fashionista, stylista, or recessionista who will never drop 2grand on a handbag!  I found some options from Aldo and Wet Seal.

                                              Aldo                                                     Wet Seal

It's not exactly your Chanel- but it will do....
If I had to choose I would go woth the Wet Seal version.

For me- I am going to save up and Cop the BIG C! I mean there are just some things you need the REAL thing- no inspired options!!!


1 comment:

  1. This is def one i need to comment on. I have been NEEDING a "Granny" (lol) Chanel bag forever! Its soooo classic. I keep saying I will get one but somehow i never do. (I feel a bday gift coming on). The Look a likes dont do the sleekness of this bag justice.