Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Fashion: Stylistos; Warm and Cozy Scarf

I was over at one of my fav blogs- StuffFlyPeopleLike and see these Gorg pics of Lance- Eva's boyf...

That body... NIICCEEE....

Tho this post is for the ladies to swoon over... fellas this post is actually for you...

I HEART his knit scarf!  As the weather start to get colder, warm and cozy scarfs are not just for women.

Fellas... scarfs can actually change your fit from simple to chic. 

I found a "endless" scarf from Urban Outfitters.  SUPER DOPE!  You can even throw this baby on during the transitional weather.

 Urban Outfitters

Dear Lance, please get a new pair of sunnies... I'm getting tired of seeing you in those darn Louies!!! Best, Chee :)

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  1. Funny Lance story. When i was at HU on the track team there was this fine ass chocolate guy who jumped for the other HU. So my childish ass would say "Chocolate Chocolate make it melt " everytime he came by. I didnt even care that i was totally inappropriate and it was sexual harassment. Ne way its was not until a yeah ago Sherry reminded me about this while we were watching a movie he's in. I didnt even realize that he was Lance. Im totally embarrassed whenever i see him. So young and dumb.