Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wrist Candy: Michael Kors watches

Hey beautiful readers.

I'm at my desk- on lunch- going through my October issue of Elle and came across the New Michael Kors watch advertisement and instantly feel in love with this black watch!

Going with my Fall- All Black Everything theme- this watch would fit right in!!!
It's a great price- $195.00

Go to Michael Kors and check out more wrist eye candy!!

Watches are another great add to your fit! Depending on Brand, finish, or size; your choice can definitely add a chic, luxury, and glamour touch to your ensemble.

My BF just brought himself a very snazzy watch- and I am demanded to purchase a Fossil watch for my bestie for her bday... what kind of watches do you guys rock??

Anything you guys seen on your fashion stack outs??

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Source: Elle Mag,


  1. I have been trying to get into watches, but I don't really love all the trendy watches; however, that MK watch is smoking. I am a big TAG Heuer girl, I love these watches; I'm sending you a pic.

  2. A watch is a must do accessory.....My new favorite is my Michelle leather band coral diamond. Its a everyday piece, dress up or down!P.S:- I love the Micheal Kors all black...very chic!