Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jay-Z on Oprah Tomorrow!!!

Set your Tivo or DVR to Orpah tomorrow!!!

Two of my favorite celebrities set to meet on the infamous couch tomorrow! WOW! Jay will spill about Beyonce, his start to fame, his rough life in Marcy Projects, and the way he memorizes his rhymes... pretty much the interviews we've already heard and read a million times over, but it's great to see Jay on that expensive ass couch!!! :)

Eat that 50!!! lol... I'm sorry I cant stand 50 Cent!

If you can't wait... take a sneak peak here

I noticed O has on her All Black Everything fit with an eye popping Fuschia pink Lip!!!

I always wanted to try a fuschia lip! hmmm.... Might have to get inspired by O! :)

And Jay-Z has on a grey cardy with black trim!

Grey is an emerging Hue I've been noticing.... a color to look out for fellas.... :)

Tune in ABC channel 7 @4:00pm... Later showing at 7:00pm on channel 7 for those who get off work late....

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