Friday, August 7, 2009

Mag Love: Drake for Fader

Hey People,

It is gorgeous outside today, I hope everyone is out styling, soaking up this DOPE weather. I'm stuck at work, but I will be enjoying it later today...

With that said let's begin.

Drake made the cover of Fader Magazine this month! YAAAYYY!!!

That's poppin'! "Buzz so big, I can probably sell a blank disc".... (I know that was corny... hahah)

Congrats to Drake. He is actually one of my fav rappers right now.

Speaking of Drake I love his style.

Drake has a laid back style. I'm feeling it.

I love the Urban spin on the "Mr. Rogers look". He loves his cardigans and dark shades.

I've noticed Drake has been consistently rocking label Comme des Garcons.

The horizontal stripes are risky but I love this simple look with the Air Jordans.

I see Drake is a heavy supporter of Comme des Garcons.

Signature logo tee

Comme des Garcon Red Play T-shirt.

Comme des Garcon Red Play Cardigan

Head over to Doverstreetmarket and see whats up fellas.

Ladies check these out!

I heart these!

You can get these over at Saks.

Until Next time

same place tomorrow


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