Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey readers-

OMG can't believe I have not updated the blog in a month! :(
I've been receiving alot of text messages, BBM's, emails, facebook messages, and twitter messages asking whats up with me....

Well alot have been going on in my life... one of the biggest changes is I moved into a very chic super duper cute new pad.  You can imagine how exhausting and time consuming getting settled in is.

I'm not done with every room, but I'm getting there..... So before you guys cuss me out.... I have a reason.... :)

Whats up with everyone? How was everyone's Valentine's Day.  Mine was fabulous and relaxing.  Saturday I went out to a Thai restaurant and to the new bowling alley in Williamsburg Brooklyn- didn't do any bowling because it was a zoo- but we posed for a cute Vday pic...

Yes your eyes are not playing tricks on you- I'm going a little longer than usual... I'm so tired of the short hair cut, I actually miss my long locks- I'm growing back my hair.

Saturday I went for the all  black sexy look with my trustee cropped leather jacket, long stacked pearls, black bootcut jeans and my Bebe black and white oxford/wing tip 5inch lace ups.  Modern classic look....

Sunday hung out in the house shopped for a couch and made a great meal... Some may say that is boring but I was very pleased by my valentines day!

Quick question- Im eyes are beginning to get puffy- anyone know the best product to get rid of that... that is sooo not brining sexy back... lol

Tell me about your Valentine's day....



  1. Its me Quana...Did you take the plunge and move to Brooklyn? For your puffy eyes try Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew anti-puff eye roller.You can find it in Target or Rite Aid. OTS whats the name of the hair conditioner you use?

  2. First of R.I.P Mr. McQueen, you will be missed by many.

    I luv luv that White leather jacket, I will be checking it out!

    The sunnies are hot, I am an aviator kind of girl so if you have some fab ones for me to check out,let me kno. Ray bans are my fav!

    For your eyes....use a warm tea bag its a home remedy that works. Just hold it on ur eyes for a few mins. hope that helps!

    ttyl Chee:-)

  3. its about time! welcome back chica. on vday i was on a plane headed to trinidad so i didnt do much of n e thing with n e one.. Also i have heard the the best product for puffy eyes is Preparation H. It makes sense dont you think? good luck with that...lata