Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mad for Mascara!!!!

Hey beautiful people!!! I hope everyone had a Fab Holiday! I want to share one of my obsessions with you guys: MASCARA!!! I am a mascara fiend! Because I have fine, short lashes, I am constantly trying out new lenghthing and thickening mascaras. If there is one thing in my make up kit that is rarely the same from month to month, it's my mascara. I have tried everything from department store products to convenience store brands. I feel incomplete without mascara on, even if the rest of my face is bare. Mascara instantly wakes my face up with or without make up. I have been eyeing the new Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara since its debut, but the formula was more concentrated on seperating and curling the lashes. My lashes, though fine and short, have a tight enough permanent curl in them already, so I wasn't busting at the seams to run out and purchase it. However, they have now introduced a lengthening formula that's right up my alley.

Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension $28.00

The mascara has a lengthening texture inspired by actual lash extension techniques. The star of the show is the innovative, spherical brush. Designed to seek out each lash individually, even the tiniest ones towards the inner corners of the eye, the brush coats and shapes lashes from the base to the very tip stretching like an eleastic band to lengthen them instantly. Plus, the formula is quick drying; allowing for an amazing, proffessional finish.

You can watch the application video here, and witness the amazing before and after results!

I can't wait to test drive this new mascara....maybe this is THE one.*EXCITED*

~Stay Classy and Fabulous- Your Glam-Puss!

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