Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Feel So Fresh!: Happy 10th Anniversary, Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

Talk about a cult favorite! Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is the origional all natural sugar exfoliant. I LUV, LUV, LUV this body polish. After just one use, you will have amazingly soft and supple skin. The exfoliant contains real brown sugar crystals, sweet almond, jojoba and primrose oils (to name a few) to nourish the skin and citrus oils to brighten and tone. After being exposed to all the cold, wind and snow, this is the PERFECT product to get your skin back in shape. I use it year 'round to maintain smooth skin at all times. Also, for even more amazing skin, Fresh has introduced the Brown Sugar Body Cream. It's an ultra rich moisturizer, but it's also fast absorbing, not greasy and yucky. I sampled a couple of drops on my arms, and, at the end of the day, I was still super moisturized. This is a great product to keep in the purse during these dry winter months. Fresh is an AMAZING line! If unfamiliar with their products, they have stores everywhere..Please pop in!! They have everything from the most fabulous scented candles to bath oils and perfumes. You will love it...I guarantee!

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish $65.00

Fesh Brown Sugar Body Cream $35.00

They also have a gift set featuring the body polish, cream and a limited edition brown sugar soap

$75.00 This is a STEAL!!!!!

~Stay Classy and Fabulous- Your Glam-Puss!

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  1. Girl sometimes I think you can read my mind. yesterday i went to sephora for some Carols daughter and wondered over to Fresh. I picked up all of the things above but decided against it cause i dont wanna spend the $ for something i wasnt sure was gonna work. I walked out getting my hair products and makeup i probably will never wear. Thanks for the post. I will return and purchase. I need a good night moisture, any suggestions?