Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coutside Styling: Ciara & Rihanna

I always think its sexy when girls are into sports. Sitting courtside doing it like a Bawss, or box seats at a football game drinking beer in a pair of loubies or even ring side checking out a boxing match! I think its cool- but I always think to dress for the occasion- tone it down but still keep it feminine.

This pass week Ciara and Rihanna attended some bball games and both brought their styles…

I’m actually digging Cici’s style. I love her laid back/I’m going to a bball game style. She pulls off her backwards fitted. I like the leather vest, lace-up boots, aviator sunnies, and tights! Great courtside style.

I love Rihanna- but I'm not feeling this look to a bball game- maybe to a friend's house, she looks sloppy... but... that's a BAAAD jacket! lol

Ciara makes me want to buy a cool Yankee fitted *well not now since I have no hair- I would look ridiculous... lol back when I had a mane.... :)

Which one do you like?


pictures from TheYFB


  1. I would do them both for a Game......both hott!

  2. Lately i have been luvin her Ciara style, hanging with those Kardashians. lol I am digging the leather vest...I copped one a few months back from Bebe. I luv luv Rih Rih style