Saturday, September 26, 2009

Style Inspiration: Mixing Metallics

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I was looking through my jewelry and caught a glimpse of one of my gold bangles dangling next to my silver necklace and thought it looked good together... I thought mixing metallics would be pretty cute. So I decided to give you guys some weekend inspiration, whether you are hosting a small girls only cocktail party, or heading to dinner for a first date, or just hitting the club... check out what i put together through polyvore.

Side note: Gold, silver, black, and charcoal... Great color combo.

Style Inspiration
Style Inspiration by SwagGirlChee featuring Halston

Joining these color ranges and highlighting your nails and lip with Red makes for a great weekend outfit. Don't forget to keep your color story going and mix and match your silver and gold jewels as well.

Let's discuss this fit:

The Halston pant with a drape and harem detail are soo in right now. I finally tried on a pair and I actually loved how they fit. *I purchased a jumper with draping and harem detail- i will take pics once I rock it* This silhouette might not work for everyone, but don't be fashion closed minded... try it out :)

Adding a long sequin coat add glitz and glam! I fell in love with the 3.1 Phillip Lim coat. With your pants you can add a sequin blazer oppose to a long coat- whatever works. It will still add great spice.

A great graphic tee to tone down the outfit, because your sequin coat (or blazer) will do all the talking. Maybe a drapy tee. You can find this kind of tee anywhere, from H&M to Forever 21 to American Apparel.

Metallic silver shoes to add shine to your grey outfit.

Well here you have it.... some Mix Match Metallic inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend guys.... remember don't leave your cup unattended... always have a designated driver.. and look fabulous!!!

PS: Fellas... once I master my illustrator skills I will get you some style inspiration shots! :)

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