Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Fashion Obsession: Spike Loubies

Hey People!!!

OK... so I seen these before, but I came across them again today and almost had a heart attack!!

I would KILL these Louboutins!!!

The Lord will bless me one day to be able to drop some dollars on a pair of Red Bottoms!!!!

I know it!!!

*drops down on my knees and start to pray* lol

Stylistas... do you love???

What are some things you will sell your soul to the devil for??

Until Next Time

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  1. i definitely love.... this is the reason for law school.

    right now, i'd kill the devil himself and take his place for those mirrored thigh high giuseppe zanotti's.
    Man oh man

  2. I sold my soul already... Manolo Blahnik
    "Cava" OTK Boot with Fur-Trim; Price$$$...I'm not telling. SOLD to the highest bidder, the gentleman in the back with the horns! It is my BIRTHDAY and I DO WHAT I WANT! LOL