Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dope Video Style: Fab ft. Jay- 'When the Money Goes'

Hey Stylistos,

How are you???

Last night was my first time catching the Fabulous ft. Jay-z "When the Money Goes" viddy. I love it... definitely Brooklyn swag all through that joint :)

Fab and Jay make a great collabo- Though I wish I would of heard a sweet 16 from Jay, nonetheless its a dope track.

Check it out:

I couldn't help but notice Fab's cardy... type dope.

Fab is rocking the latest Bond Street Cardy from Cavi's Fall/Winter 2009 collection

The wide stripe cardy is definitely tough for the Fall. If you are not a fan of this cardy- put your DIY (Do It Yourself) skills to the test... try any stripe cardy and head over to M&J Trimming and purchase a dope Crest iron patch- get the same look but with you personal touch! ;)

Crest Patches

Stripe Cardigans

I would try the DYI... get creative fellas!!
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Same place tomorrow
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